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acoustic friends
2008.04.20 (12:12 pm)
I hope this isn't against the comm rules... :S

        デパペペ (DEPAPEPE) - HOP! SKIP! JUMP!6th album
        RELEASE DATE April 2, 2008
        LANGUAGE N/A
        GENRE Acoustic/Instrumental
        PURCHASE Yesasia

        01 FESTA!!
        02 READY! GO!!
        03 Great Escape
        04 禁じられた恋 (Kinjirareta Koi)
        05 Horizon
        06 旅の空から (Tabi no Sora Kara)
        07 Marine Drive
        08 ROSY
        09 a ボトム (a bottom)
        10 VIVA! JUMP!
        11 GIGIO2
        12 桜風 (Sakura Kaze)

        ♪ [ Download album + sample tracks HERE @ orionsounds ]

Remember to support DEPAPEPE by buying their albums~! ^_^

2008.04.20 (05:10 am) (UTC)
Thank you!!!
2008.04.20 (06:15 am) (UTC)
You're welcome~! ^_^
2008.04.20 (08:32 am) (UTC)
Thanks! I was listening to a few of their songs earlier. It's pretty good to listen to on a lazy Sunday afternoon :D
2008.04.20 (08:46 am) (UTC)
Lolz, true~ You're welcome~! :D
2008.04.21 (03:27 am) (UTC)
From 1:40 of the track "Viva! Jump!", it sounds like Daft Punk's "Crescendolls" (0:22). It really is interesting to hear haha.
2008.04.21 (09:55 am) (UTC)
LMAO~ Really? That's interesting...
2008.04.20 (06:32 pm) (UTC)
cool! thank you!
2008.04.20 (09:29 pm) (UTC)
Oh~ you're welcome~! ^_^
2008.05.27 (12:07 am) (UTC)
Great album! Thanks so much for this!
2008.06.02 (03:32 am) (UTC)
You're welcome, and thanks for taking the time to comment twice! <33
2008.08.06 (03:32 pm) (UTC)
I didn't DL coz I already have it (I'm new here)
This album really lift my mood :D
and Great Escape is totally cool XD
kinda give me some jazzy or blues mood
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